Hololens Unity Project: Remote Video?

userHead Anjana.Telaney 2024-02-02 14:24:55 153 Views0 Replies

In my Hololens 2 Unity project, I aim to incorporate two video feeds from a LattéPanda using the Mixed-Reality WebRTC project. While local streaming works seamlessly, remote streaming poses challenges due to the NamedPipeSignaler class's inability to connect to localhost.

My quest involves integrating the Mixed-Reality C# Core 3.1 with my NodeDSS signaler, necessitating intricate method implementations and PeerConnection interactions. Exploring alternative solutions led me to OWT-Server (Open WebRTC Toolkit), presenting dockerized video casting applications. However, the documentation lacks clarity regarding linking docker images to "applications" and configuring STUN/TURN servers and signaler IP addresses.

My immediate objective is to display one feed in Unity without requiring bidirectional communication from the LattéPanda. Despite two weeks of extensive research, I remain uncertain about suitable tools. Is there a tool that can fulfill this requirement?

Acknowledging my gaps in understanding the signaling process, I recognize the absence of standardized communication protocols in WebRTC, aside from messaging conventions.