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LattePanda Enhanced as a homelab server: ESXi woes!

userHead Olivian.Kocja 2024-02-05 14:47:09 161 Views2 Replies

Just got a LattePanda Enhanced and dreaming of using it as a tiny but awesome home server running multiple Windows Server DCs with ESXi or Proxmox. Sounds doable, right?

Unfortunately, I'm stuck at the "Relocating modules" stage during ESXi installation - it just hangs there indefinitely. I've searched far and wide for solutions, but nothing seems to work.

Have any of you managed to install ESXi or Proxmox on a LattePanda Enhanced? What did you do to make it work? Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated!

While I could just install Windows Server directly, the flexibility of a virtualized environment is very tempting for my homelab goals.

Let's conquer this challenge together! Thanks in advance for your help!