LattePanda V1 strange USB touch screen behaviour after power cycle

userHead DanTiff 2024-02-28 23:53:10 272 Views4 Replies


So we have been using the Latte Panda V1 for some time, we have recently hit a technical problem with a new batch.

The earlier ones that work without the issue are revision 2 and the new batch with the problem are revision 7.


We are running the board with Windows as supplied and we are connecting a HDMI screen with USB touch panel.


When the device is initially powered up the USB touch is not working, it is also not showing in Windows Device Manager.


If we disconnect the USB cable and then reconnect Device Manager refreshes and the HID compliant touch screen is shown, the touch screen also works.


After the board is power cycled, including removing power from the board, once we reboot again the problem has returned and the USB touch no longer works until we repeat removing the USB cable and replugging it in.


Interestingly or not there is a single unknown device in Device Manager which seems to be something to do with the on board I2C touch screen controller but this remains at all times.


We are now clueless as to what to do so any help would be gratefully received.


Many thanks