Show your LattePanda Cyberdeck to win FREE LattePanda 3 Delta

userHead LattePanda 2024-02-29 10:04:01 2168 Views4 Replies


We are delighted to notice that more and more users are using LattePanda to create their own Cyberdeck projects. Welcome to showcase your Cyberdeck and share your experience in this event. 


How to Participate and Awards Gift icon - Free download on Iconfinder


1. Simply share your Cyberdeck with LattePanda under this post, including photos and a brief introduction.


2. Participation Awards: Each sharer will receive a $20 coupon of the DFRobot online store. 


3. Popularity Awards: We will hold a vote to select the most popular Cyberdeck. The winner will receive a LattePanda 3 Delta.



Event Time: Feb 29, 2024 - April 30, 2024.

Popularity Awards Announcement: May 10, 2024.


Congrats to Tommy! His portable Cyberdeck with LattePanda 3 Delta wins the Popularity Award! (We held the vote on our official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and Tommy's project won the most 'likes'). Thank all the participants for their awesome sharing.