Muddy sound with Windows 11.

userHead Eric.Youngdale 2024-03-08 02:47:17 210 Views2 Replies

I run into situations where the sound gets extremely muddy and distorted with Latte Panda Sigma when watching videos on Windows 11.  The workaround is to pull out the plug from the audio jack - wait a second or two and then plug in again.  After I do this, the sound is much better - for about a day or so.  When I come back the next day, it is muddy and distorted again.


I am not at all sure what to make of it.   The Intel support assist tool says I have this driver:


Driver DetailsProvider Realtek Semiconductor Corp.Name RTKVHD64.sysVersion 6.0.9486.1Date 3/1/2023


I would add that I frequently hibernate the thing at night, and then restart the next morning. I could turn that off if anyone thinks it would make a difference.