LattePanda V1

LATTEPANDA V1.0 2Gb 32Gb stuck on startup

userHead irtimiDo 2024-04-07 15:21:00 142 Views3 Replies

I purchased lattepanda v1.0 2Gb 32Gb with LINUX installed. I needed Windows for some applications and I downloaded the dedicated image of the card from your site. I prepared the USB key and upgraded and flashed the system.
everything went well, but then, after the first restart, the lattepanda crashes.
I can only access the BIOS, obviously before booting the OS.
I tried resetting the bios to default, but nothing to do, it freezes on startup.



Is it possible that the eMMC has broken and therefore not finding the OS crashes?


if so, is it possible to use an external HD with OS?