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CNC-controller powered by linux-cnc

userHead Marcus.Harrysson 2024-04-22 17:36:05 166 Views1 Replies

This project started after I decided that in my PrintNC mini build wanted a nice custom interface and a more powerful alternative

than GRBL running the machine.  The choice ended up with linux-cnc due to the fact my old router is running that. 

So what did I have and need to get?

I happened to have a sigma marked for another project, very much overkill for this but it will never struggle :D 

Interface, wanted a nice touchscreen interface, and the recently released 11.6" eDP touch display was an excellent choice allowing fully

internal connection.  

First itteration after playing around with shapes and sizes, in the end this didnt survive due to printability of the angled part,

It did print but wanted to print face dow for best results so another revision was created

2nd itteration, just ironed it out basically, This I like and it did printer awesome too.
Now I had another issue, XY was too large for my bambu. Too big for the bed, solution is either print standing: this was a nogo, due to the fact 

I wanted the front on the bed.  OR  split it up even more. Ended up with 4 pieces, resulting in 2 halves when glued. 

This led to the final design which I ended up prototyping. 


And below is the printed prototype which I reprinted in the end and is finninshing up right now!