LattePanda Mu Lite Carrier Board - Ethernet MAC address changes on every boot

userHead Gerd.v. Egidy1812 2024-04-23 23:42:43 85 Views0 Replies



I've got a new Lattepanda Mu with the Lite Carrier Board and am currently evaluating it. I noticed that the Ethernet MAC address of the RTL8111H on the board is not static. Each time the power to the board is fully disconnected and later reconnected, it gets a new random MAC address. This makes the IP address on the DHCP server change often which is inconvenient. But we also want to use a software that uses the MAC address as part of identifying the board and calculating a license code. Getting a new license on each boot is not viable.


The RTL8111H has integrated OTP flash memory that is usually used to store the MAC address. It could be that this needs to be programmed. It tried updating the windows driver for the RTL8111H first and then using the MAC addresss writer program from - unfortunately it didn't work and wrote an error message that this adapter is not supported.


Do you have a program that I can use to program the OTP memory of the RTL8111H?


Thank you.


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