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My single board server with LattePanda Sigma

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**This article was originally written by Vasily Tsedrik. All rights belong to the original author.


This project wasn't my initial plan but evolved from my longstanding interest in single-board computers for personal tech projects like a home server or in-car PC. One day, after buying a touch screen, I contemplated creating a DIY tablet using a single-board computer. I considered various options, including Android-based boards from Khadas. However, I stumbled upon the LattePanda Sigma, which impressed me with its powerful specs and Atmega controller I/O header for DIY versatility. I bought it and tested it extensively with my 4K TV, enjoying movies and games with a PS5 controller.


Simultaneously, I was upgrading my old personal computer and decided to start with peripherals. Recalling a YouTube tutorial, I attempted to connect an external GPU to the Sigma. I acquired a special NVME adapter, a Geforce RTX4070 Ti, and a Deepcool power supply. This led to the creation of my everyday desktop setup for both work and leisure.


Hardware and software:

· LattePanda Sigma 16 Gb no WIFI no SSD

· Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module IntelAX200NGW

· SSD Kingston 1TB

· Video card power supply DeepCool PQ850M

· Video card Palit Geforce RTX 4070 Ti Game Rock

· An unnamed board for connecting an external video card was purchased on Aliexpress

· Keyboard Ardor Gaming

· Mоuse Ardor Gaming

· Monitor Tihesun 27" 2560*1440 144Gh



My shinning server with LattePanda Sigma:


Assemble the video card:

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