LattePanda 3 Delta eGPU over M.2 M Key

userHead Mark.Wijkhuizen 2024-05-13 20:55:21 100 Views3 Replies

The LattePanda 3 Delta supports an eGPU over the M.2 M Key slot using an ADT Link adapter as stated in the documentation.


After connecting an RTX 4060Ti 16GB the device shows up in the Windows device manager with an error 43.


However, after installing the GPU driver, the GPU does not show up in task manager, CPU-Z or when running nvidia-smi in a command prompt.


After a restart the error 43 shows up again in device manager, which requires the drivers to be installed again.


The adapter used is the high quality ADT Link that is referenced in the official LattePanda documentation.


The adapter is recognized and the GPU is correctly listed as an RTX 4060Ti in device manager, but there seems to be driver/configuration problem which prevents Windows from using the GPU.


What could be the source of error in this setup?