LattePanda 3 Delta failed to auto-start

userHead Martin.Zhu 2024-07-01 05:35:01 76 Views3 Replies

What I expect:


I would like to have my LattePand 3 Delta device auto-start after the following scenarios:


1. Power shortage --> Device off --> Power comes back --> Device auto-starts

2. Battery voltage drains below to the operational voltage --> Device off --> Charge the battery back to operational voltage (keep the battery connected to the device during this process) --> Device auto-starts


What I've done:


I modified the power management settings in BIOs, and set it to "Power On".



What is happening:


The configuration will handle scenario 1, which I mentioned above.


Doesn't work for scenario 2.



1. The battery always connects to the device even when it is low voltage. Is it because the device couldn't recognize the state (voltage) changes and failed to trigger the auto-start?

2. Is there any way we can achieve scenario 2 via system setting/software?

3. Is there any way to achieve it via simple hardware adjustment?


I really appreciate any help you can provide.