Sigma not loading OS with Fibre card plugged in

userHead Samuel2445 2024-07-07 23:51:07 53 Views2 Replies



A bit of a strange issue that I cannot work out why it's doing it.


I'm using the sigma 32gb model with the R42SR m.2 to pcie x4 adapter. Connected is a fibre network card but I'm having issues with it getting past early os startup. Either window's or Linux distros are doing the same. It will get to a log in screen if nothing is plugged into the fibre card, I have tried dac and sfp+ modules which both do the same thing. I did also try changing card to different models but still the same issue. 10gbe rj45 cards work fine with a cable plugged in, just seems to be fibre cards.


Any help would be appreciated!!