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Mon Jul 20, 2020 7:19 pm

I have a LP delta 432. I am just making sure this ssd card will work[ ... 326&sr=8-5]. The documentation seems to suggest It will but I've also read about documentation errors and ssd cards which didn't work.


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Tue Jul 21, 2020 3:31 am

For LP Delta, its M.2 key-M slot supports PCIe x2 bus . <-- means only 2 channels out of 4 PCIe buses are made available.
What it means: (1) SATA M.2 SSD will not be supported,
(2) some NVMe M.2 SSD can be used.

a) A small set of (inexpensive type) M.2 NVMe SSDs is offered as key-B+M (means can be plugged into either key-B or key-M M.2 slot.)
These are PCIe x 2 type. This type would 99% possibility work with LP Delta.
Example: ... B07P22RK1G
<-- note that most of the key-B+M SSDs are SATA type

Most of the NVMe M.2 SSDs are key-M type and support various PCIe bus configurations.
Some (the normal, common type) are 4-channel type, i.e., PCIe x4. This can optionally support 2-channel or even 1-channel PCIe.
The detailed spec can be obtained from SSD mfg.'s tech support.
<-- pay special attention to the qualifier "optionally", some do and some don't

Some lower-cost /lower-end NVMe M.2 SSDs (these include some key-M only type NVMe SSD) come only support 2-channel PCIe bus. You'll most likey see this info described in detailed product spec (probably in fine print) mostly due to enough customer complains so spell it out first. <-- this illustrates the famous term: there is no free lunch

Unfortunately there is no easy answer. M/2 SSD products sometime do not give full spec. thus no way to tell the definite answer.
If unsure, ask pre-sale tech support on this question "does your key-M NVMe SSD (provide full model number) support 2-channel PCIe (PCIe x2) mode of operation?

Also note, many vendors will not accept return once the package is opened.

CAVEAT: SSD mfgs constantly change their design and the differences can only be seen by one-character variation on the full model numer

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