Latte Panda will not stay on

userHead darter76 2017-05-12 22:24:23 2605 Views2 Replies
Hello all,

Just got my Latte Panda and I started it up for the first time. I'm using a quality usb cable and power supply. I ordered the IPS display and touch screen with it. Before I powered it on I plugged the IPS display in following the instructions and plugged the touch screen in. I connected the usb cable and the blue light came on, that was all, no red light anywhere. I pressed the power button for 1 second and the only thing that happened was the blue light started to blink then it went solid. Pressing it again gave the same result, nothing comes up on the display. I unplugged power, unplugged the IPS display, and plugged in my monitor to the HDMI. Put power back to the board and this time I saw the red LED on the rear light up and when I press the power button the red LED goes off briefly and I get the logo on my screen with the spinning balls. After 10 seconds at most the Latte Panda just turns off. The entire time the red LED stays on. The next time I try to start it up it shows the logo and says its starting to repair then it turns off again. It will cycle between just the logo and the startup repair each time.

Has anyone had this problem before?