LP 2G unactivated with 64bits and much more problems

userHead tecnosel 2017-06-07 05:51:18 2015 Views2 Replies

I bought my first LP satisfactorily (2 / 32gb) with windows 32 bits activated, that's why we decided to buy two more.

Surprise! The two LP come with 64 bits windows preinstalled, but disabled (but I paid for the license). Searching the forum I found this solution, but i wan't a 64 bits windows version:


But I want to install the 32 bit version following the documentation procedure (with 2gb the 64 bit version goes very slow). If I try to reinstall the 32-bit version it gives me the following error:


If I try to reinstall the 64-bit version it gives me another error.


I guess it will be for the bios firmware ... another error. It does not let me install the 32-bit bios because it says the system is 64-bit ...


This is crazy, I just want to install the 32bit version with the license I paid.

Any advice to solve any of the errors?