[ Job invitation ] Overseas community operation wanted

userHead LattePanda 2018-05-29 18:23:00 105560 Views1 Replies
Hi guys,

This is a Job invitation from LattePanda Team of Zhiwei Robotics Corp.

Many thanks for all support of all guys!

Now we are looking for a overseas community operation, if you are interest in working with us and have the plan to work in Shanghai China, you can check the info below.
Of course you can also recommend your friends if they have any interest in this Job.

【 Mission Of LattePanda 】
Design and create the best top inspiring products and service for worldwide developers and creators!

【 Responsibilities 】
1. Responsible for developing quality content, daily interaction with our community members, delivering and maintaining online presence
2. Relationship building with KOLs (local and overseas)
3. Community user relations maintenance, organize planning community / forum activities
4. Able to identify community leaders and empower them to more actively contribute to the greater community
5. Improve user activity and product core data through data analysis for user behavior.

【 Requirements 】
1. Excellent written and verbal communications skills
2. Keen interest in IoT market trends, robotics, electronics and technology, willing to try new things
3. Strong activity planning and writing ability
4. Enjoys communicating with users of varied backgrounds
5. Able to understand user psychology and habits
6. Self motivated with the ability to handle multiple tasks.
7. Working in Shanghai.

【 Who is LattePanda Team? 】
The LattePanda team is dedicated to providing the best inspiring products for developers, Makers, and IoT projects around the world, creating quality development tool, user experiences and services. We drive the creation and implementation of ideas. The team started its sales of 400W with support from more than 4,000 backers through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in 2015.

LattePanda is a small internal incubation team of Zhiwei Robotics Corp. The team has less than 10 individuals, but it is in such a small team to hold up an international brand. It also requires each of our members to have a stronger individual combat capability, be able to judge the correct direction on their own, and use the most effective method to achieve. During this process, the team helps colleagues find themselves, explore, and achieve self-fulfillment at work.

Do you want to join us and make our team more powerful? Please contact us follow the info below! Looking forward to your message!

【 Contact information! 】
Contact number:021-61001657