15.6-inch / 17.3-inch eDP Displays for LattePanda Alpha!?

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This is a info shared by community developer Thomas Vincent. 

Vincent said: 
"I got lucky that it worked "as is" with no driver.
I'm building a laptop around the lattepanda and purchased a screen with a control card. I tried to plug the screen directly 1st and it worked right away!
Samsung LTN156HL01-102 PLS is the reference for the screen
It's one of the 10 best 15 inches screen of the last 5 years. Great contrast !"

He also shared with us the datasheet of this display.

And some extra notes:
"There is only some very slight black & white flickering that I notice at startup. But not noticeable when working.
The brightness control works fine too (from linux and windows)
For the flickering, it occured also when using the control card, without the lattepanda“

Hope it will be helpful for everyone here, who is looking for a slightly bigger display for your desktop development environment!

Updates 20190123:
Check out the 17.3 inch (model - B173RTN02.2) display testing info from this post - https://www.lattepanda.com/topic-f23t17 ... l?start=11
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