Typical shipping time

userHead anonymous 2018-11-21 20:53:04 3052 Views4 Replies
Typically how long are shipping times (door-to-door) to the States?

The shipping status of my package has not changed in the past two weeks. When I checked it a couple of weeks ago, it indicated an expected delivery date of Friday 9 Nov., but has since not indicated an "expected delivery time." The status since the 4 November has not been updated by the carrier and is:

Chengdu/ZiYang/MeishanNew York
080045814218国际特惠Recalculating the expected delivery time…
2018-11-04 14:05 In transit

2018-11-04 Sunday
14:05:33 In transit
14:00:32 The customs clearance is completed.
2018-11-03 Saturday
2018-11-02 Friday
2018-10-30 Tuesday