LattePanda Alpha issues on battery power (No charging)

userHead Ebonix 2021-03-25 02:42:30 1518 Views2 Replies

Dear LattePanda comunity,

I recently bought a LattePanda Alpha into making a DIY tablet. On this matter, I made myself a 2S2P battery pack and connect it to the board via the 10pin MOLEX connector.
For the connector wiring, I based myself on the following sources: ... roject-SBC

The board works well on battery power, however, I have the following issues:
- The D13 LED remains ON when only the battery is plugged (Board Off). I hade to dissable the arduino in the BIOS to solve the issue)
- Windows sees the battery as fully discharged, regardless of the real battery SoC.
- The battery doesn't charge when I plug the board.

I tried to crosscheck for fix on the internet but I came empty ended. Did I miss a step/setting which prevents the board from charging the battery?

Many thanks for your assistance,